The Seasons

Each year is divided up into three Seasons, which in turn are divided into three Sprints of four weeks each.

Each Sprint is then separated by one-week breaks, that are used to review Sprint progress and trajectory. All courses and coaching operate on this calendar, as it enables a calculated product iteration, availability and release cycle.

Season 1: January-April

This is the season for new products and new-twists to old-products.

The Interlude: May

May is the month of rest and review; do we want to continue with our new products and modifications, or do we want to reset to something else for Season 2.

Season 2: June-August

This the time to get good, we've got the idea down, now we solidify it.

Season 3: September-December

Now that we are not just familiar with the product, but comfortable; it's time to play and start to perhaps experiment.

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