It is a privilege to do this work; and so out of respect for this privilege I will try to make as much transparent as possible, and transpose it all into educational material.

All funds accrued online and via DreamFreely are directed to a separate bank account, to start.

Structure | The ME Fund


Our primary objective is to reinvest in our community.

We do this by building revenue efficient products, and providing exemplary services, aligned with circular economic processes.

We/I will be financially transparent regarding revenue, expenses and pay.

Objectives by Priority:

  • Pay off $7,000 Personal Loan
  • Pay off $9,000 403b Loan
  • Get part-time Virtual Assistant


Presently DreamFreely exists as an LLC established in Minnesota, and I am the sole owner.

Eventually I hope to expand, and document the process.

The ME Fund

All profits go to pay back Canin's loans, and hire a part-time virtual assistant from Colombia.

Once this is accomplished, funds will be distributed privately and publicized minimally. Though we will have additional projects and will be seeking to pay everyone a loving wage, not living, a loving wage.

We do have actual products to maintain. Which we created because we enjoy the creation and maintenance of the life cycle as well.

I aim to build a small and nimble team, along with a robust and sustainable systems. And in this way, further respect the blessing is to be able to do this work.

The ME Fund is what will allow us to truly play and evolve with you all!

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