About the Blog

We will start as a fortnightly blog covering the adventures of a brown entrepreneur.

Each issue will contain a story, a reflection on current events, something hopeful, and some art (not Canin's, someone else's.)

There may be more, but at least there will be this.

We'll also be providing updates on DreamFreely projects.

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About Canin

The primary mind behind DreamFreely; they were bought by Evangelical Christians as an infant; and survived …

Placed on a stage to perform musicals for a church congregation at the age of 5; this had a traumatic effect on their growth.

Now they make music that is meaningful to them; and build programs, helping those in their community in ways, that are meaningful to them.

DreamFreely is an attempt to provide evidence of these sentiments.

While we are a small collective of individuals working together.

Vamos pues!