The Products

US-based Products | Colombia-based Products

Manifesting Empathy / FWMO | DigiSnaxx | Rebel Coding | Fuck Vanity | Proyecto Secreto | Comuna Colombia

US-based Products

DreamFreely as an LLC is based out of Minnesota, though we have a small battery of products we about to introduce to the market.

Manifesting Empathy / FWMO

This is the primary revenue engine, and focuses on diversity training; building into a boutique consultancy.

DigiSnaxx + Rebel Coding

This is a burgeoning public utility that we've devised; along with a coding curriculum.

Fuck Vanity

This is our clothing line, and the revenue of which will enable emerging artists to explore what have they have to say and display.

Colombia-based Products

We're also developing business relations in Colombia, so as to work with Colombians to test products before global export; as well as export products to the globe 😎

Proyecto Secreto

Is what it is, IYKYK

Comuna Colombia

This is our primary retail shop for all things Colombian; we source from real people, and will be uplifting the voices and opportunities of all with whom we work.