Updates: Ready for Spring

Prototype for future updates ... conversational and to the point, with links to recent posts.

Updates: Ready for Spring

Hey how you doing?

I hope I'm going to get more frequent about these updates, I know I keep saying that but ... we got structures and processes in place, thankful for that.

I also got the primary website updated; t-shirts are available for those in the contiguous 48 United States ;p

Canin Carlos
Ungodly Human.

And we've got a lot more posts I'll list below.

Some real quick highlights:

  • Last week I had conversations with an up and coming startup out of Minneapolis I'll be working with; waiting to sign some papers, then I'll write more.
  • As well, I had another conversation with a more established organization here in the Twin Cities. An individual named Ben from Forge North, and lots of interesting opportunities to look forward to there as well.
  • Over the next week or so I'll recap what happened with Orono Public Schools these past couple of months. Yep we had to get the cops involved, as well as the the parent organization; because community is the goal and community is inclusive. So yeah we'll recap what happened there.

Work has been going well. While the crew in Colombia is getting a business off the ground; even though the cops recently stole 200 arepas, story soon ... we persevere!!!

Más Arepas
I guess the test for me has been, what would I do given a similar situation? And so I was put in a similar situation where I had the money to help and the question was would I?

I will be moving out of my apartment here at the end of April. I got sufficient storage space I believe and I'm not really sure what's in store for May.

There is a conference out in Portland to go to, though after that it's me and the breeze I believe.

We've also got more products starting to get to the surface, and I'm real thankful for that.

More consistent blog posts are definitely an aspirational consequence. I think it's going to just be a Monday afternoon email updates: here's what happened here's what to look forward to have a good week; and try to get people started off on a positive note.

I'm looking at getting a boot camp started with Manifesting Empathy. And I got an idea for what we want to do with the diversity conversations.

Absolutely reaching out on the LinkedIn and and looking to make a larger investment over there.

Criminal Orphan Bastard EP
It’s a long story, about how I found my self. But step #5342 is done, and I’m ready to start being my self. While this music tells a tale ... or something like that; either way, it’s all me!

Fantastically happy to report that we had some income from Spotify no less, and speaking of Spotify, I got a new song that's going to be coming out here within the next couple of days!

On Saturday evening I recorded a few chords on the piano, put a couple of lyrics on top of them and then thought I might harmonize six or seven times 😋

Anywho, I'm excited to be starting to spread our wings on over here at DreamFreely.

Thanks for being along for the ride here's a couple of blog posts have been written over the past couple of weeks months you want to get yourself caught up on anything take care cheers.

Theory of Stats II
Oh my goodness I passed my statistics exam with a solid B and I’m actually getting a solid B in the class! This is an obstacle that I created for myself; and I didn’t ever know if I was going to be able to confront it again. But here I am.