My Coding Journey

My Coding Journey

To be honest I am best described as a perseverent failure; there are plenty with evidence enough to agree. Though we've all seen enough media to recognize that there can be a value in perseverence. That said, lets us go back to the days of ClarisWorks and Netscape, GeoCities, Angelfire and MySpace ...

She was a teacher, and he in sales; there was enough money to purchase her a computer for maintaining student records, etc. I had the chance to play the X-Wing flyer game, though the computer was a Macintosh 630 Perfoma. Not optimal for running games.

Though there was a game that I did enjoy playing called Ultima Online; it was a Massive World role playing game, a precursor of sorts modern day WoWs, Fortnites and Fables. Build a character, level them up, interact with other players online from around the world, or your group of friends, in the networks to which we had access.

Some kids at school were building websites using this language called HTML; making webpages about their characters, or favorite Star Wars adventurers. I was a socially distant youth, until I became the front-person for a high school band. And every band needs a website. While PhotoShop was nearly as expensive; and there was another program, I wasn't gonna use DreamWeaver. That did cost money I wasn't going to pay, and I didn't like the point and click layout builder.

Arachnophilia (opens new window)baby! One-part text-editor, other part WYSIWYG editor, aimed at building HTML web-pages. All parts freeware!

I didn't stick with this long, to be honest, music, college and then life pulled me in a multitude of directions until some days when I found myself running a sound board for a music venue. And herein played a band, weekly, with a musician who also coded.

We all know I had to ask ... can you help me learn to code ..?