DFV Digital Toolkit

Here's the toolset we use at DreamFreely to keep things afloat!

DFV Digital Toolkit

Here's a list of tools I'm currently using to get the work done.

Google: Simply put, this is just easiest for right now, and we got grand-fathered in via the DreamFreely domain.

NextCloud: May replace the use of Google Drive !! This would be in combination with getting a Hetzner Storage Space, and likely a managed server for hosting websites.

Ghost / Mailgun: Love the set-up, this is all self-hosted.

Stripe: Again, this is the easiest for now; I will need to set-up ACH payments sooner than later though, so as to avoid fees on large-ticket items.

Calendly: I pay for the premium version, but it integrates all of my calendars and allows for all of the various Event Types that we need.

PayHip: Here I go with the free version; provides everything we could ask for and more! Love the ability to provide coaching sessions, that are integrated with Calendly, no less!!!

Buffer: This is for LinkedIn ~ that's it, $5/month and I can schedule as many posts as I want. Which is kinda priceless.