Criminal Orphan Bastard EP

It's a long story, about how I found my self. But step #5342 is done, and I'm ready to start being my self. While this music tells a tale ... or something like that; either way, it's all me!

Criminal Orphan Bastard EP

You can listen on SoundCloud, or purchase the EP on Bandcamp (for now.)

While it's streaming on iTunes, Spotify and most everywhere else, as Canin Carlos.

I was put on stage to perform for suburban Christian audiences at the age of 5; I started playing piano at that age as well

As I grew up, I participated in school plays and musicals; along with church musicals twice a year.

And by high school, I was fronting a rock band; which broke up once we all went to college. I tried rapping ... poetry just flows, sometimes.

But I don't know now to count beats and measures :/

Guitar / Mic / Loop Pedal

The magic of a loop pedal being that I can write a chord progression ... and then endlessly loop it until I figure out additional parts.

Eventually I can even add a vocal line ~ and I've got a song!

Sometimes it's catchy, sometimes it isn't; it's been an odd summer.

I've found a semblance of comfort it seems; but still unable to express myself fully.

I'm not sure who I am, or what I'm supposed to be; but purpose has always seemed important.

A friend recently used the words "message music" to describe the type of music that we were raised by; music that had a message, a purpose.

And sometimes that purpose is solely to express the inexpressible, and when done correctly, it can be considered art. I'm not sure if that's what I've attained, though I am proud of the distillation of memory and emotion into the orchestrations that have been outlined.


The original songlist started with Prayer, then Babble Rattle, Sun Don't Shine, E Ai and finally Cycle's Over and By My Side to close out the EP.

Though upon some feedback and reconsideration, I've moved Cycle's Over and By My Side to songs one and two; with Babble Rattle and Prayer as songs five and six.

It's an EP; it's not meant to be perfect. It's also my first release.

I recorded and mixed the entire project from silence to Spotify, myself.

It is in many respects, a love letter to myself; me choosing myself, and being proud of that choice. It's a step, in a direction long-awaited to be taken.

Cycle's Over

This is the most radio friendly song, I think; and I like it that way, the lyrics provide a nice juxtaposition to the idea.

By My Side

All of my music is a conversation with myself ... I wrote this song on the side of a mountain in the Abura Valley; I had reached another new level. Me, I did this.

Sun Don't Shine

Love isn't always sunshine; nor is life. But it's all about perspective.

E Ai

An electric Andino instrumental

Babble Rattle

For every time I've ever complained.



I can't explain who I am, or who I was supposed to be ... it's truly all a jumble of forgotten memories and dreams.

I was behind the couch; it was the second birthday party. Why was I hiding behind the couch ... why didn't anyone notice? Or did they any ..?

A friend once told me that I was evidence that race didn't matter.

As to what that even means exactly; I'm still unsure.

I was supposed to be a Christian; after all, all of my struggles are apparently due to me running from God.

Or rather, that is what the woman who bought me believes; or at least said to me.

Or maybe I'm to be something else ... who are any of us supposed to be?

I made some mistakes last time I was in Minneapolis; got a few difficult things said about me. Further complicating my comprehension of my own reflection.

Regardless, this music feels like an acceptable presentation of who I am, who I've been, and who I wish to become.