Subscription Tiers

How the tiers fall.

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Get Sunday Updates.

I $1

Get Sunday Updates & access to posts.

II $5

Monthly Points Accrue

You can use these points to buy DreamFreely products. We're still building out the portal, but you'll be able to buy everything from clothing to classes to coaching time to voting rights with points.

Beta Access to Emerging Projects

Beta access to emerging projects.

DigiSnaxx | Manifesting Empathy

III $25

Quarterly Financial Reports

Complete Quarterly Reports and Projections for DreamFreely as a whole.

Alpha Access to Lab Plans

What's beyond the horizon? You'll be in the know.

IV $50

Project/Event Invitations

If you try to talk the talk, without walking the walk; you're gonna do worse that just stumble or fall. We'll be crafting wonderful events, at least six per year.

V $95

Annual Festival Invite

Three days, one city.

Art, Science & Conversation

Why Not Free?

Because my words have been twisted before; this way, if someone wants to use my words against me, they're at least paying me something for the access.