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Budget Set-Up: Video & Post Coming Soon

DigiSnaxx Life Ledger
Basic Budget Outline Basic Budget & Ledger,Yearly Income,$41,600.00<a href=“”>Created by DigiSnaxx</a>,Base Pay,Per Paycheck,Monthly,% / Paycheck,Yearly Taxable Income,$28,650.00Federal Taxes,Taxes Paid,Benefits,$0.00,$0.00,0.00%,Pre Tax 1,$0.00$0.00,$11,000.00,10.00…

Financial Set-Up:

Financial Set-up
Follow the Personal Finance Prime Directive. That said ... paycheck gets direct deposited into 1 of 3 banks. Wings Financial Savings AccountAMEX HYSA (High-Yield Savings Account)Chase Checking Account There being about $11,000 of debt on a 0% credit card with Wings. The HYSA is just the best p…

Tech Set-Up: Eventually

Garden Set-Up: Eventually

Kitchen Set-Up: Eventually